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Strongest man vs MMA Fighters

World’s Strongest Man vs. MMA Fighters

This is Strongest man vs MMA Fighters literally the MMA… fighters who are championship-caliber in their own disciplines or within MMA itself. Mariusz Pudzianowski is a legend, and thanks to him for transitioning from a dominating strong man to giving us an epic career in combat sports.

What do you think of using strong man athleticism to fight in MMA? 

Best Fights of Strongest man vs MMA Fighters – We’ve been taught that fighting being big and strong works against us not for us but is that true for the strongest man in the world. yes, this is literally the strongest man in the world from 2002 to 2009. Marius the dominator kudzunovsky dominated the world’s strongest man competition winning the most titles in history in 2009 Marius began a career in mixed martial arts which gave us a decade of epic fights against some of the best fighters in every discipline fight fans welcome back to another Episode of MMA fighters of striking breakdowns in this episode we’ll explore the epic MMA career of the strongest man in the world in the year 2000.

Mariusz spent 19 months in jail for trying to stop a local mafia boss but instead of heading into a downward spiral like so many who are incarcerated he spent the time building superhuman strength Marius became so strong that he entered the world strongman competition in 2002. He won first place after dominating strongman competitions for seven years he decided to be an MMA fighter the dominator gave his most prolific match against Hollis Gracie in Abu Dhabi. Best Fights of Strongest man

Best Fights of Strongest man vs MMA Fighters

Best Fights of Strongest man vs MMA Fighters – The world champion from the Gracie family made history for using Brazilian jiu-jitsu to defeat bigger and stronger opponents but it didn’t work so well against the world’s strongest man, before Gracie had an opportunity to get a hold of the dominator he got starched with a haymaker but Marios didn’t just spray and pray he used classic strategy you see the beginning of a fight favors the stronger fighter technical fighters tend to feel out their opponent to gather information.

However, this leaves the room for the more athletic fighter to exploit the initial periods of a fight, some of the best multi fighters were rocked by less technical and less experienced fighters during the feeling out process for example here’s Boracay a man with over 300 fights getting rocked by an MMA fighter with only 5 fights although the strongman competition is designed to show well-rounded athleticism it still does not transfer to MMA efficiently that means the longer the fight goes the more likely the strongman will gas out and be beaten but this inefficiency does not matter at the beginning of a fight.

When their strength and power are at their peak the less good fighter can overwhelm the opponents with brute power if you see someone with a crouch stance being rearfoot heavy and pouring out their lead hand it’s a big tell that they’re looking to blitz him with a right hand Marios uses the jab as a faint then he successfully hands traps to create a clear entry for the haymaker notice how his hand is still crouched allowing him to keep the right hand loaded with the opponents.

World’s Strongest Man vs. MMA Fighters

Best Fights of Strongest man

Best Fights of Strongest man vs MMA Fighters – Lead hand successfully trapped and pushed down the Gracie is stuck with no defense hand trapping is the art of clearing a direct line for the attack this has been used to great effect by fighters, like borrow and Sanchez throughout their careers like the greats Marios beautifully used the hand trap and his advantages here but did his fight always go so successfully yes the dominator more often than not dominated his opponents against butterbean a champion boxer. With 77 wins and 10 losses, Marios made really quick work of him butterbean already had 25 MMA FIGHTS matches by then with 15 wins and seven losses when the two goliaths fought they traded jabs and the strong man landed several low kicks.

However, once butterbean got taken down he was like an overweight cat who can’t roll over Marios went to town like a hammer fisting gorilla while butterbean just covered up until the ref stopped it against bob Zapp the NFL football player who turned MMA and kip bossing superstar in japan the dominator made quick work once again after giving a flora to bob Zapp .who didn’t fight back effectively Marios took him down and finished him with a flurry the referee had to stop the fight and the rest of the team. Had to jump in to help the referee stop the world’s strongest man yes these were some of the most prolific wins from Marios.

But was he always so successful against Tim Sylvia the former two-time UFC heavyweight champion the strong man was able to land a few low kicks and a takedown but by the second half of the first round, Marios was fading and Silvia knew it the former UFC champion stake? He down with a smile and proceeded to land significant strikes inside the muay Thai clinch the dominator was dominated in the second round after using the typing to score some more.

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Best Fights of Strongest man vs MMA Fighters – Silvia was able to land significant strikes and then finish the fight with some ground and pound against peter graham one of the best Australian kickboxers, of all time the first round was epic they trade blows with the strong man showing much-improved defense than when he fought Tim Sylvia, throughout the first round Marios dominated the fight on the ground however by the second round graham was clearly the fresher fighter with more energy the prolific kickboxer.

MMA FIGHTER came forward with a nice right straight-chained with an uppercut and then flurried on his opponent the strong man attempted a takedown but gets sprawled on after a minute of ground and pound graham told him to get up and proceeded to fake a takedown into a big uppercut with the help of these significant strikes the prolific kickboxer was able to finish the prolific strongman via ground and pound with Marios puzzanovsky’s epic MMA career.

MMA Fighters in 2022

what we know is that the world’s strongest man can defeat solid fighters but he can also be defeated by solid fighters the technique isn’t the cleanest but the strongman always puts on an epic fight for the fans starting his MMA career at the age of 32 we don’t know what he could have been in the MMA world. if he started much earlier a year before he decided to go into ebony Marios was a finalist in dancing with the stars as talented as he was we are so glad he didn’t continue dancing and gave us a fight.


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