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Race Interview In Miami Grand Prix

Max Verstappen Post 2022 F1 Race Interview In Miami

Max Verstappen Race Interview In Miami Grand Prix 2022Miami Grand Prix 2022 was very exciting. Red Bull F1 drivers Max Verstappen won the 2022 Miami F1 GP from Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc in second place and Carlos Sainz in third. Here are Red Bull F1 driver Max and Ferrari F1 driver Charles Leclerc’s post-2022 race interviews in Miami. What is your reaction to the 2022 Miami GP?

 Race Interview In Miami Grand Prix – Yeah it was very good I think especially at the start I mean I hadn’t done a start at all this whole weekend because of all the troubles so uh I didn’t know what to expect we had, I think a decent launch and uh I saw the opportunity to go around the outside and it worked off it worked really well.

I guess I mean also we gave each other space luckily and then yeah I was trying to hunt down Charles I saw one point he was struggling a bit with his right front tire and I went for it so we could.

Pass him and actually, that really made the race because I could open up my gap which then on the heart stayed very similar like one lap he was a bit faster than I was faster again that’s why I was not very happy when the safety car came out but you know these things happen in the front it also has helped me in the past and in some races so you could not complain.

The reason we went for it again. initially, I was struggling a bit with cold tires I just didn’t have the grip. But as soon as they came up to temperature then um I think I could pull away a little bit we really have to be on top of that and have a try to have a clean weekend. Because then it would be even better we do but we have to of course try and make sure that these things not happen but we are of course working on it.

Max Verstappen Race Interview In Miami Grand Prix 2022

Race Interview In Miami Grand Prix

Race Interview In Miami Grand Prix – Don’t quite know what the car definitely didn’t feel the same as it did to the laps of the grid so I’m sure they’ll check it but probably. Corner waits just a little bit uh it was quite a hard hit but just probably.

Corner ways very adjusted a little bit but otherwise, this should be okay. And I was doing the best I could a bit unfortunate but we got good points. as a team today so we take them and move on honestly I, really don’t know in that scenario I have no clue where everyone is and so when the team says it’s your choice I’m like I don’t have the information to make the decision. so that’s what your job is like make the decision for me you got all the details.

That’s what you rely on the guys for but today they gave it to me and I didn’t understand it anyways just a bit unfortunate on the safety car. And but as I said at least we’ve got points today we’re finishing reliability is good.

We just have to keep trying you know I’m excited to one at some stage take a step forwards which we haven’t yet I think it’s mixed feelings to be honest because obviously based on where we were yesterday today was good. Result but if you told me after Friday we’d finished p5 and p6 and that far behind p1 I’d been pretty disappointed so.

We have a fast race car in there all to do with the ride heights but when the conditions change the wind direction changes you turn the engine up for qualifying you’ve got a couple of variables. That is at play, but suddenly it was like a different race car and the thing was bouncing. All over the place and it was a session of survival I felt like I was pushed.

Max Verstappen Race Interview In Miami Grand Prix 2022

Miami Grand Prix

Race Interview in Miami Grand Prix 2022 – Any harder I was going to crash because the thing was just bouncing through all the corners and it wasn’t much nicer today but because the speeds were lower. Viera wasn’t working as hard so I could sort of manage it but. we don’t get it to be honest at the moment. And I certainly don’t it’s frustrating but I’m sure we’ll get there at some point we showed on Friday. we have a fast car you know there is a fast car there I have total faith and confidence.

That it’s in there somewhere we just need to understand how to unlock it and I think we can find chunks and chunks and chunks of lap time if we just find that killer key to get it in that perfect spot and um I’m not sure if I’ll be next race. but you know the guys are working day and night back at the factory to find the solution and I and we all believe.

yeah it’s tough um I mean I’ve looked at it a few times now but it’s tricky I think I don’t know if he had damage. I left space obviously uh I knew it was on my right but the track kind of kinks to the right and I’m going with the the the flow of the circuit and it didn’t look like.

He was looking in his right mirror um I don’t know I thought I did what I would normally do you know but uh just ended up being a silly accident so I’m a bit quiet annoyed I guess just we could have scored maybe one or two points. Today may be not anything more but um it happens uh we’re lucky we didn’t lose. For Click Here for More Details on This Game.

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