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Puppies, Kittens, and Play Groups!

Puppies, Kittens, and Play Groups!

Hey Guys, welcome to this week’s that Ranch Roundup. Puppies, Kittens, and Play Groups. I’m Dr. Carrie, this is Kiki, this is Squeaky, they’re pretty much a big deal. They’re up for adoption, I’m sorry my movements were too erratic for him.

They’re up for adoption together if you don’t know them you definitely need to get caught up with our videos. You can check out the two playlists that I’m gonna put up and that’ll help you get caught up and you can learn about all of our other patients too.

But, this week we need to focus on just getting basic medical done on all the animals that we have here. We’re super behind on space and neuters and this is seriously the most animals we’ve had in-house in a really long time

dr carrie thinking

I think we have 16 puppies and wait, if you count Shake you count Tayden, Ruxpin, 18 puppies princess is on the edge.

So I’m gonna put her with the adults and then we have 15 adult dogs, and that’s a lot of dogs and we’re not a big hospital. So we have got to get caught up on all their medical and start getting some adoptions.

Please think about adopting if you think what’s the point of putting in an application because I’m sure everybody wants to adopt that dog, oh no you could not be further from the truth so get your application in and even if that application, that dog is taken you have an approved application on file.

So if a dog comes up that you’re like, oh my gosh this is a perfect one boom ready to go, anyhow let’s get started with everyone’s medical and get them ready to get them out the door and get adopted.

Let’s go, oh I forgot one thing to tell you, so with Gracie I know that was such a heart-wrenching story last week. Her owner is doing a little bit better she has coped and breathing issues but her owner’s doing a little bit better and was able to take Gracie back for the time being.

So, that is the best situation for both of them but we’ve had a long conversation, we’re on standby and we’re going to help her out, make arrangements, so still would please reach out to us if you think that you might be a good fit for her because it would be wonderful to be able to transition her into a home and meet her beforehand. Learn how to handle her diabetes so that um it’s less stressful for her because she’s it’s already gonna be really hard for her to her lose her person. Anyway for now that’s a happy update okay that’s it.

Dr Carrie from Ranch Roundup

This is Archer, he presented this morning for some vomiting and diarrhea, he was actually pulled from our local shelter about three days ago and yesterday morning I believe he was fine and last night developed just an upset stomach. Vomiting diarrhea we tested him for parvo this morning and he is positive which is a bummer and he does have some intestinal parasites.

But, the good news is as you can see he’s bright and alert he’s not significantly dehydrated at this time and so we’re going to act quickly and get an IV Catheter in him and start supporting him through his parvovirus journey.

We’re optimistic he’s going to do well. Okay we have Archer set up doing well receiving fluids, Catheter wasn’t a problem hey bud he’s kind of shutting down because of this big cone but we don’t want him to eat his line, but he’s doing really well.

Sheila always trying to steal the show. Anyways back to Archer here doing well, we’re going to keep close going his first round of meds, we’ll continue that this evening through probably the next couple days, but of course we’re optimistic and man he’s just a sweet cute little dog. I don’t know if you can see his tail going “oh my gosh” and so we’re just trucking along the story of parvo right here and oh Sheila oh gosh she’s lovely.

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