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MMA Full Fights

FIGHTS OF White Hulk (Russia) vs Marcin Lazarz (Poland)

MMA Full Fights The White Hulk vs Marcin

Recent MMA Full Fights The White Hulk vs Marcin – Big professional Russian heavyweight  MMA Full Fights with Hulk’s proportion against polish tall and high skilled athlete Marcin Lazarz with the nickname “Bane”. The fight took place in Chelyabinsk, Russia on February 24, 2018.Well, what is the main event of tonight’s program today’s wrinkle lasers against Ivan Shtyrkov’s wrinkle lasers experienced Polish fighter he is 35 years old in terms of lasers wrinkles and how he won, for example, in terms of points, the person whom Ivan Shtyrkov also won, this is after the champion to her all Rico Rodriguez on and a gap For 15 years, Spider lost to a Scotsman, our lasers, then there was a defeat at the Akhmat.

17 tournament from Maxim Grishin, an eye patch, and Ivan Shtyrkov and Ivan has his first fight this year, started his career professionally in June 2015. But Sergey passed the position and Lepi Rodriguez Antonio silva the same taste and he was locked in the red corner and polimedel if I wanna touch mouse guesses Dahlback of your clan by miners fight trains of tasks on carefully left straight line or right straight line and right there this and he should not be treated here so with you heads to grab the leg but we see the clinch we have at the net acrylate worked lasers is good, so from Ivan he hit the right side. yes, it was very dangerous to meet here below, so lasers there is a drive store a couple from the Side of the season, by means of which you need to break the distance.

Recent MMA Full Fights The White Hulk vs Marcin

mma fights

Recent MMA Full Fights The White Hulk vs Marcin – probably even, this is how the master can work now on the other side of the lasers, here again, look Vanya is going forward, but here and an attempt to pass to the legs from the side of Ivanych doors and is trying to inflict several blows well now Ivan hit shortly on the left, there was an attempt to throw lateral and the skin of the river to become Ivan Shtyrkov was well caught on the left and the bath shows another roundhouse kick and Lasers almost always here this is sexual up to three marcin Ivan shtyrkov on a powerful and accurate hit from a good car, often only you fly away from shtyrkov these stations.

Are from Ivan shtyrkov, but there is a good hit on the left side towards you and the fingers went mutually the first round and on the turn run you didn’t spend is silent lasers Ivan shtyrkov evenings from Chelyabinsk such is Russia shtyrkov’s attempt on hand, as I understand it, yes shtyrkov is trying to make these are trying now lasers caught my eyes towards you well an hour on the counterattack Ivan. And here it would be possible for the body the situation is good and for half an hour everyone was a little shocked here humming the attempt was a laser such videos in a good position it turns out at the moment Ivan shtyrkov and time activity Ivan exact hit with the elbow another one from Ivanova this I don’t let me live trying to get up look at how the pins are resetting the racks both fighters got up and here I didn’t give the pins we listen to the lasers wrinkles.

FIGHTS OF White Hulk (Russia) vs Marcin Lazarz (Poland)

mma fights

Recent MMA Full Fights The White Hulk vs Marcin – But you can only translate the pins Rau finishes the fighters disperse for a break before the Uchi call and we have the final third round after the second Ivan Shtyrkov has around but nothing has been decided yet and lovers and for what uppercut now and then mine I think but here it’s good how she got into the attempt then he from the side of the pin does not manage to throw off many will protect his eyes with practically nothing at all already gone it was in principle a good year and that it’s good to bathe him again I want a upholds, but here it’s to meet deception, and big shares of me are good, you don’t have enough for a second attack already for the first time our dangerous toxin gets into the laces because we got a U-turn.

But I went ahead driving the court, I missed it, while the Pole answered dangerously now and that’s all we are waiting for Ivan shtyrkov well, cool solution for a tube for clothes I want to say thank you to everyone without that

this evening would not have taken place

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