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Knockout Boxing fight

 Best Knockouts of 2021 | FIGHT Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton

Best Knockout Boxing fight professional American unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather with nickname “Money” 38–0, 24 KOs – pre-fight record, against British multiple world light-welterweight champion Ricky Hatton with the nickname “The Hitman” (43–0, 31 KOs – pre-fight record). Fight for WBC and The Ring welterweight belts took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, USA. Hail of the tape Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton.

A one-year Age advantage in 2001. Floyd Mayweather has generally been considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport does he have enough experience against top-notch opposition for this Ricky Hatton to enter to the strains of blue moon which is the traditional theme they are playing a Floyd Mayweather video to the crowd unless they come on a butt and here’s Floyd Mayweather with that brilliant record 17 straight wins eight knockouts.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

knockouts fight in boxing history

Let’s go to Michael buffer for the official introduction of the Knockout Boxing fight let’s get ready to rumble all right gentlemen who are in the dressing room I expect a good clean fight remember guys I’m fair but I’m firm you like watching Floyd Mayweather fight right here you’ll see the difference in the speed of Ricky Hatton as compared t the opponents different good quick left hook lands on the button for Mayweather so far Mayweather is doing a very good job.

of keeping the foot species away there’s every thunderous roar from the crowd or at least as long as. i would say the fight is going more towards what Ricky wants to do in every round very few opponents who are in love with that it’s the British another effective that’s what Floyd is going to have to do to get some respect because he can’t. many fans around the arena Amanda does not have to say fault but the fight is moving towards the way Ricky wants it to go.

Knockout Boxing fight so he’s actually controlling him and I thought I saw a trickle of blood out of the nostril of Ricky Hatton Cortez with a tutorial well when you’re coming in with the exhaustion the way that rick is coming in you’re always going to leave yourself open so he’s determined by taking it but still taking punches as he’s coming in the good right hand by Mayweather and then he reached out so far he’s keeping rick at a distance where he can catch him but if he lets Ricky start.

there’s a fight gets inside another jab almost it’s Mayweather who’s old they’re used to clinching and holding in the back now wraps an arm under Mayweather’s left arm head more head movement I like you keeping it on him you’ve got to keep it on him it’s simple for now roger just said exactly what I’d say that’s what he’s doing this pot shot and he’s landing clean punches hard right hand by Mayweather. been his probably his most effective.

quickest boxing knockouts

Floyd Mayweather

Knockout Boxing fight – Punch tonight and he’s been getting away with that a lot he lands it and then he moves right in and smothers his opponent after that out of 30. Mayweather landed at a 33 percent rate Patton landed at a 20 rate neither man has not opened up again Mayweather the head back just like that with accurate which is he has to do tonight he’s got to lick his make it and have to fight this is definitely not dancing with the stars I think it’s turned out to be a very good round for Floyd Mayweather because he withstood the challenge of the first minute of the round and now we’ll have a lot to think about as he goes back to his corner he got punished.

You can’t get anything to defuse the situation do you understand there you say Ricky had him so anxious to come in forward not moving his head as much as he should and Floyd is pinpointing all of his shots and Most of the work in the round has been done by sometimes it’s the right hand sometimes it’s the left hook huge round believes he’s got Hatton in big trouble Patton gets a chance to land a right hand in return the difference is rick is not landing anything effectively clean you’re breaking that hole down it’s okay. even though Ricky was aggressive and modern and he wasn’t too clean effective punches the way they applauded.

Night of Knockout Boxing fight Floyd Mayweather

Knockout Boxing fight – He’s connected against him Floyd Mayweather has by far the most positive plus-minus ratings huge difference between Mayweather’s connect percentage and the percentage of punches landed against him and you’re seeing it very intelligent fighting he will study him and once he sees he’s slowing down he will take advantage of the maybe stopping as the fight goes a weapon we don’t see all that often to say look how eleven of fifteen three one even eighty-six eighty-four.

Floyd Mayweather in case you’re wondering about the indomitability 43 wins and no losses coming in buy time here well he’s not the type of fighter every situation this fight is over a fighter he’s never been confronted with before and it brought the best out of it and closed the show a brilliant performance once again

As he was coming in he caught him with the left foot but which he’s been hitting him with quite often tonight in the right-hand lead has been very consistent Patton going headfirst into the ring post plus i think he was getting a little fatigued at that stage and then this is the end another flush left hook hooks very accurate punches he’s a tremendously accurate puncher you saw it again tonight never has it been more clear who’s the money


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