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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley – One Punch KO

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley was a professional boxing match between YouTuber-Turned Pro Boxer Jake Paul and mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley. It’s time to fight – Freddie Luke when are you ready buck overhand right by Tyron Woodley? Need more Jack, I wouldn’t walk in and of course the mistake he made in the first half take a step back bait him in right to the left, never stand in front of looking about that.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley – An Insane One Punch KO

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Full Fight Highlights

You’ve been very quiet offensively, we’re clean break clean, I give it tony okay I need you to get your left you’re all right, you’re fine still a good round push that left jab yep backstitch in the ring back him up his whole fight your head keep grinding we working in the trenches round two of this eight round really has a very wide stance.

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See every time Jake Paul goes on his feet like he’s stuck on sand you know, he’s got to be there’s some work to be done in the corner of Jake Paul, it’s a concern for sure foreign, the cut is definitely bleeding there’s a lot of work to be done watch the tendency.


Jake Paul bend those legs come on just don’t give him nothing to hold nothing to grab nice combination Jake Paul in closing here if it wasn’t a headbutt that already caused the opportunities that are being presented to him here, that overhand right but Woodley’s doing proud see Woodley trying to bring him down get back to that Jab Stick and move one two three he scared you man.


He’s worried he’s concerned frankly a few jabs from Jake Paul with an uppercut coming, there you go and represent it right, now don’t leave the good news they did a really good job of controlling that doing a great job of stopping the bleeding.

No no I’m going to fight come on now little combat is still there for the taking this second time nobody watching you see both jabbing at the same time and oh look at that headbutt again.

Jake Paul‘s face it was such a close round, I don’t know I gave it you can make a change almost every round for either, guys this is round six of this eight-round fight, a couple of punches from Jake Paul come on watch it back in the head I mean, well it was sudden, wasn’t it and we’re gonna see how Woodley dropped his hand, I don’t know if he still knows where he’s at.


I added a one point fight, me too, just the way he landed head first he went head first who just scored a huge knockout boy he’d see a guy go down like the way he was standing with the weight was right in the center, devastating and in the other corner of course just be interesting to see how Jake Paul plays this now because if he really goes off here Atlanta, and here he is ladies and gentlemen here’s the winner by way of knockout and none more impressive than this one absolutely I mean people are not gonna forget about this big champion.

He backed out of the fight that’s a tough fight right there, legend Jake how did you feel about how the fight was going the blood was getting in my eye from when he got the job done and I knew it would happen like that on good morning.

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