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Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone

Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone Should Know

10 Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone Should Know – Now you may not have known this before, but martial arts are not only for defeating the enemy or showing off your skills, it is used for boosting inner peace and self-improvement as well. If Jayden Smith’s The Karate Kid has taught us anything it’s that the discipline of martial arts instills patience, confidence, and of course self-defense skills. Martial arts not only teaches you to fight and defend yourself, but it also keeps you fit. So if you’re passionate about martial arts, you should be aware of some of these moves. And if you’re a newbie, you might want to pick up a few lessons. Who knows, it just could save your life one day.

Here are 10 martial arts moves you should know?

Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone – As a note of warning, some are pretty basic while some can be deadly moves straight punch the straight punch move is called chokozuki in Japanese, and it is also known as the jab it is the most basic punch technique and it is used in other types of punches to perform the chokuzuki.

You need to make a fist while excluding your thumb from the mix your fingers need to be folded down so that the pads of your fingertips touch the joints where your fingers meet your palm then bend your knuckles at the base of the fingers to tuck your fingers into your palm do not tuck your thumb inside of your finger but between the first and second knuckles of your fingers now you’re ready to strike. When you throw your punch aim to strike with the pointer and middle finger knuckles as it is the strongest part of your hand if you punch a person in the stomach or chest with a jab move it can knock the wind out of them however if done wrong you can fracture your fingers.

The rear neck choke or the reverse neck choke is commonly known as the sleeper hold it is a well-known move and a dangerous one that involves you stepping behind your opponent though that won’t be an easy feat and you simply wrap your arm around your opponent’s neck and lock in the hold
Until all of the oxygen is cut off from their brain. Effective Martial Arts

10 Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone Should Know

Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone- With this move, you can easily overpower and knock out your opponent but if you’re a psychopath you can hold the choke till the person has permanent brain damage or dies either way this move should be practiced by experienced fighters or if it’s your last move the roundhouse kick can easily be
categorized. As the most deceptive of martial arts moves.

This move is called mawashi Giri in Japanese it is a fast kick that gets its power from twisting your hip to perform a roundhouse kick off your front leg to ensure that you are standing to the side of your target and then raise your leg to the side of you while leaning back slightly and bend your knees and ankles so that your shin is tucked and there is a straight line from your shin bone down to the top of your foot. To hit extend your leg in a snapping motion and hit with the top of your foot.

this is a very powerful move to know and keep in your arsenal 12 to 6 elbows the 12 to 6 elbows move is also known as the downward elbows the movie gets its name from the attacker’s elbow which starts at the 12 o’clock position and moves down to the six o’clock position typically elbow strikes are painful but when someone gets hit with an elbow going straight down onto the back of their head or neck it takes pain.

To a whole nother level this movie is very effective in that even if it doesn’t take out your opponent it will do some serious damage because of its intense look people consider it a bad form to be used in an MMA match however it remains legal martial arts move the old throat punch from the name alone you know you don’t want to ever feel what it’s like to be punched in the throat some people.

Effective Martial Arts

10 Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone Should Know

Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone- Say that punches may be a less refined way to attack someone but when you need to get the job done quickly the old throat punch comes in handy this move is highly effective and if done correctly it can crush someone’s windpipe and do some real damage even a half-hearted punch to the throat will still knock someone off balance and dish out a bucketload of pain the sidekick is a karate move and it is called Yoko Gary in Japanese it is an excellent attack and defense.

Move all at the same time the idea is to line your body up behind a power attack
to perform the sidekick you need to turn sideways just a quick quarter turn to whichever side works for you or where your opponent is standing from that stance build the kick by lifting your knee as high as possible then use the momentum from lifting your knee to turn and make sure that the toes on your supporting legend up facing whatever direction you face.

As you fire your sidekick be sure to turn your ankles so that you are striking with a knife-edge of the foot if done correctly you will knock out your opponent unless you give them room to evade your upper rising block this move is called the age in Japanese it is a basic blocking karate technique however no basic Training will be complete if you don’t know how to block attacks the upper rising block can be used to deflect hammer punches ax kicks and other attacks that may be coming down from above to perform this move begin with a blocking hand down at your abdomen with your palm facing forward then step forward into a front stance with the same leg as the blocking arm as you do this keep a fist to strengthen the position and let the sharp edge of your forearm bone take the brunt of the attack with this move you can deflect, and move into an attack the ax kick.

Effective Martial Arts

10 Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone Should Know

Effective Martial Arts Moves Everyone- The ax kick is a finishing move that is used when someone looks to do some damage to their opponent an ax kick uses the power of an upward swing which helps it to concentrate all the energy into the stopper’s heel if the stomper builds up enough momentum the movie can be quite lethal so it’s best to keep this one in the arsenal till you need it the palm strike is popular martial art.

Move that even untrained people know what it looks like probably from a movie
it is a very gruesome movie that explains how you force someone’s nose bone into
their face this move requires your palm and the amount of force you place behind it this move can render your opponent unconscious or kill them instantly so if you’re a rookie do not try this at home the Sankyo wristlock is a common move taught in aikido.

It is common because it can easily disable an attacker and end the fight in seconds this move works not by bending the wrist backward or forwards but sideways and this is the quickest way to break the wrist if mastered it is a valuable tool and it is a great way to defend and counter punches. video link


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