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Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators

NHL Game 4 Highlights | Avalanche vs. Predators

Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators NHL Highlights 2022 – Valeri Nichushkin scored the game-winning goal in the third period to help the Colorado Avalanche to a 5-3 win over the Nashville Predators and earn a 4-0 series sweep to advance to the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Garrett ranks west Macaulay our referees chandler Alfonso and matt McPherson are the linesmen tonight and we are underway from Nashville Michael McCain’s on the move got it all the way across spikes take the tape Passover bell will shoot in a little deeper now good crash behind the board’s carrier got the worst of that with burakovsky that shot through traffic tips off the stick goes to the glass, Burakowski will jump out of there for the ad still holding drizzles, a shot and there was a celebration ball and byron put his stick in the air as if the abs had scored and Ingram had it the whole way celebrates like he scored watch him come off the wall it’s a great play a good escapability and they back off the predators give him some space he shoots and you can see I think I think Ingram, though cause you look at it it’s oh that might have gone through.

Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators NHL Highlights 2022

Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators – After a video review at 1804, the puck entered the net and ripped it we have a good goal center point for a mascara that’s an onside shot from cadre stop the side by Ingram fire on the hook at 9 15. I don’t want to say this is a must score situation for Nashville but we’re getting close to that and here we come the ad short-handed spin around the shot is great by kale McCarthy one-nothing colorado another great chance short-handed panorama and that’s the way they can identify or establish their identity face-off win Ekholm.

Got it shot blocked clearing passes fanned on by starvation to score and the predators hit the scoreboard Yakov treaded and we are tied at one with 101 left in the first great face-off win by Colton Sisson. Against conference had a pretty good job in there too and then they go to work we’re just talking about the physical play and that’s Taylor you know who’s been very physical here’s Yossi two on one for Nashville.

Spin pass behind his back is broken up is that the first semi-odd man break we’ve seen for the predators here’s Lando’s cod shot is stopped by Connor Ingram with a big save excuse me great defensive play by Ranson and Ingram has been busy but here he looks how square he is to the puck when he took the reins and well respected and as I mentioned earlier the third longest-tenured coach and behind uh just john cooper and mike Sullivan. yeah this shot was stopped by Ingram six and a half to go in the second tied at one early goal colorado’s late goal Nashville in the first period nothing here in the second for now McCall rips it he scores kale mc carr an epic shot not slap not wrist snap catches bar down.


Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators NHL Highlights 2022

  • By holding it back just enough so that his team can get a change but not back
    far enough so that the predators can get a chance so there are tired bodies out
    there in the yellow in the gold jerseys and then kale McCarver watches this in real
    time so you see the abs gonna change one predator gets to change but they come
    storming back comfort then finds the uh McCarthy look how far back he is
    predators see how they handle the final five minutes of this second period not
    trailing 2-1 stretch pass it’s mc carr he’s in save of the game for Connor Ingram to keep it a 2-1 game.
  • game

Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators – Skating offensive defenseman and a beautiful heads-up play recognizing that
his partner is stretching through the neutral zone right on his tape oh miscue there between fabro and uh Ingram and it’s grand one the other way here’s Yossi leading the charge got the opportunity shot a big save

Forsberg still dying for that first point and francos may be his best opportunity right back come to the preds Janelle got it through shot another save Paulo francos and a score finally they were putting the pressure on they got behind the defenseman a couple of times here saw Forsberg try right there that plan looked at the excitement we got Trenton with his second goal of the game this line with Trenton with momentum. Spurts here’s McKinnon little dipsy doodle backhand on the forehand can’t get the shot away nachoskin can and in tight quarters Ingram comes up with a
critical save now back to the point McKinnon has it deflected into the crowd has the matchups that he wants the Eccles the Yossi fabro is out there right now and uh it’s interesting.

Applause couldn’t do anything with it swallowed up by macar and it comes out to center ice coming up on four minutes in period three Duchene instead of shooting the feet in front to score finally Phillip Forsberg hits the score sheet and for the first time, all series the predators have a 3-2 lead a lead of any kind.

NHL Game 4 Highlights

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Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators – Applause watch this play heads up play turns good quick passing we’ve talked a little bit about zone entries have been a struggle for the predators and this is very precise stick to stick passing and then Phil Forsberg crashes the net backside colorado loses the coverage there what a path and with speed Nazim Kadri of burakovsky here’s johnson on it now looking an injured player may be Duchene here has a shot and he scores devon taves ties the game with 1105.

Left in regulation once again even you look at eric johnson there activated all over we talk a lot about kale mc carr eric johnson goes down in the corner and it’s a low to high play up to devon taves who is the normal partner for kale Mccart devotees Yoshi trying to go through all those white sweaters here’s Kadri on the side the other way abs have it makar back out there centering fee to show the score a beautiful assist from cal Mccarran and it’s 4-3 colorado it’s always been Gabriel Landis gog up until this season he’s been such a good addition and watch kale McCarran eluding the check we saw him do that on the opportunity earlier on a two on one we didn’t score on but what a feed I mean there’s not much space there and kale McCarthy goalie is back out Ingram is out we’ll see for how long here’s.

Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators – Yoshi’s shot save rebound loose to colorado with the empty net and down the
ice and a goal the empty net goal and that will seal the deal for Nathan Mckinnon to make it 5-3 colorado with 55.9 seconds left in the predators season well you get a lot too you know you talk about offense a lot it’s easy to quantify but when you look at what Nathan McKinnon’s done defensively everything the way he’s pulled this team into the fight the way he’s battled hard when a lot of his teammates have been out injured he deserves all the accolades.


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