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Best Moments In UFC History

Top 10 Most Shocking Moments in the History of MMA

Backstage Best Moments In UFC History:

  1. Number Nine Diaz and Guida backstage broad
  2. Number eight Jason mayhem
  3. Number 7 Tony Ferguson
  4. Number six GPs
  5. Number five Jorge mossvadal’s

Most Memorable Moments in UFC History

Best Moments In UFC History – MMA is a crazy sport, no two ways about it. When you combine the tension of live combat sports with high levels of testosterone, anything can happen in the cage and outside of it. Here are the top ten times that the drama of MMA spilled out over the cage and into the backstage areas.MMA is a crazy sport there are no two ways about it When you combine the tension of live combat sports with high levels of testosterone anything can happen in the cage and outside of it here are the top 10 times the drama of MMA spilled out over the cage and into the backstage areas.

Number 10 Roni Jason loses control backstage Roni Mariano bezier also known as Roni Jason named after Jason Voorhees was building some serious momentum after winning the ultimate fighter brazil following two wins and stoppages over sam Cecilia and mike Wilkinson Rooney was given a spot opening the main card of a fight night in brazil against Jeremy stevens he was knocked out in 40 seconds with a head kick in front of his home crowd backstage Jason went crazy smashing a huge hole in the wall it was also reported that he punched himself in the face twice requiring stitches there are plenty of examples of fighters getting angry after losses but that takes it to the most extreme. Ray won one of his next five fights at the ufc and was inevitably released on the 10th of October 2017.

Number Nine Diaz and Guida backstage broad The Craziest Backstage Moments In UFC History

On top of all the drama regarding Arielle’s wants the crazy moments at ufc 199 didn’t end there after being stopped by brian Ortega in the third round an angry and heavily concussed clay Guida began making his way back to the locker room as he was on his way out of the backroom came Nate Diaz who was met with some not so complimentary words from guido in classic Diaz fashion he answered back adhering to the Diaz code of life
Nate and Jason’s guide got into it fighting for about 30 seconds before the fight was broken up the Diaz brothers always had the mentality of Diaz versus everybody and Nate proved this on this night

Number eight Jason mayhem

Best Moments In UFC History – miller gets fired as is the case with many of the entries on this list this backstage confusion revolves around a crazy character in MMA Jason mayhem miller played up to his wild man persona but backed it up with an impressive career outside of the ufc coming into the Ufc off of several middleweight title fights and other promotions and a win over Kazushi Sakuraba in his most recent fight miller had some momentum behind him he had also built his own profile as the host of the MTV show bully beatdown and because of this was thrown right into the ultimate fighter as a coach against Michael Bisping after being dominated against Bisping miller was matched with CB Dalloway at ufc 146.

Number 7 tony Ferguson The Craziest Backstage Moments In UFC History

Best Moments In UFC History – injured doing media and what could go down is the greatest fight in the sports history that we never got to see tony Ferguson versus khabib nurmagomedov is a cursed fight clearly the two best lightweights on the planet for several years they’ve been scheduled to fight countless times but have never both made it into the cage on fight night and what fans hoped would finally be a conclusion to the chapter Ferguson and khabib were scheduled to compete for the vacant light heavyweight title at ufc 223 both men had no issues and fight week was underway then on April fools day dana white announces that Tony Ferguson is out of the fight due to an injury many claimed it was a harsh practical joke on April fool‘s day morning but this was just optimism while he was completing some pre-fight media obligations Ferguson tripped on a wire and somehow tore his fibular collateral ligament khabib went on to face all liquinta instead while Ferguson vs khabib has been rebooted once since in the least surprising shock of all time the fight fell off once again.

Number six GPs

Missing belt ufc 167 is one of the most controversial cards of all time after a great performance against George’s saint Pierre many fans claimed that johnny Hendricks was robbed on the night when he lost in a split decision the confusion was added to by gsb’s post-fight speech where he hinted at retirement saying he needed to go away for a while when he didn’t show up at the press conference dana white said he had been taken to the hospital only for Georges to show up 20 minutes. The Craziest Backstage Moments In UFC History

Number five Jorge mossvadal’s

Best Moments In UFC History – Three-piece at Ufc London in march of 2019 Jorge Masvidal returned to the octagon after a year and four months out and stopped Darren till in the second round making the start of the resurrection but mozvidal’s night didn’t end there wils doing an interview with ESPN Leon Edwards walked past Mazda calling for a fight with him in the summer Edwards had beaten gunner Nelson in the co-main event and believed he should have been the one in the main event, not mazvadon jorge walked away from the interview and over to Leon with his hands behind his back before sucker-punching Edwards three times and cutting him above the eye the POST went crazy on social media which was only amplified by mosbidal coining it the three-piece and a soda.

So there you have it the craziest backstage moments in MMA history what do you guys think what’s your favorite all-time moment in the UFC let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed the pots. For All detail of  Backstage Best Moments In UFC History Click On This Link. watch this.





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